Cursory Test of XO 1.0/ 10.1.2 release

Cherry Withers cwithers at
Tue Sep 21 15:13:33 EDT 2010

 Hi Folks,

> While I was doing my Etoys testing I did a cursory test of 10.1.2 release
> on an XO 1.0. While almost everything  functions normally, I've encountered
> some problems.

Build : 852
Sugar: 0.84.16
Firmware: Q2E45
Update method - online olpc-update

Issue 1: Browse not running
- When I click the icon from home, it looks like Sugar launches it because I
get the flashing globe icon on my screen. However, it never does. I get the
icon on the bottom of my XO symbol on home but not on the list of running
activities on top of the frame.

Issue 2: Groundhog day moment with non-existing activities
-- Naturally because I thought my Browse activity is of an older version, I
went to "Software Update". It looks for current activities but doesn't
included Browse as one of those that needed updating. HOWEVER, it does show
me 5 activities that I don't see on my list of installed activities that
seemed to need updating:

G1G1Lite Activities:
Biology - New version 9 (size 4MB)
JamendoMusic - New version 5 (6.8MB)
WikiBooks - New version 8 (6.7MB)
WikisliceChemistry-en - New Version 8 (4.4MB)
WorldDigitalLibrary - New version 5 (15.6MB)

I press "Install selected" and it goes through the motion of updating these
5. The next time around when I click on "Software Update" (or just click the
"refresh" button) again, the same 5 with the same version shows up again and
again and again.

Anyone else seen these oddities?

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