Announcing the OLPC OS 10.1.2 final release!

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at
Tue Sep 21 16:07:48 EDT 2010

  It is more problematic than that.

1. When the Radio is checked (on) after boot I see the 3 mesh networks 
and the XO-1 can see other access points.
2. When the Radio is unchecked (off) then I see neither mesh networks 
nor other access points.
3. Setting on-off seems to work and the checkbox shows the correct setting.
4. However if I make it unchecked (off) and restart then after booting I 
can see 3 mesh networks but no other access points. Closing and 
reopening the laptop scans no access points (I do this because there is 
a lack of 'rescan' button anywhere). If I manually switch the radio off 
then on it starts to work.

So it seems that the disabled setting only disables the radio halfway on 
boot and the control panel sees it as a working radio...

On 2010.09.21. 21:24, Hal Murray wrote:
> NoiseEHC at said:
>> 2. The control panel does not remember the unchecked state of the Radio  On
>> checkbox.
> Is the problem that it doesn't remember or that it gets things backwards?
> I remember getting confused in that area.  To me, the description of the
> checkbox seemed backwards from what it was doing.  (But it did something and
> remembered what it was doing.)

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