Bad interaction between sleep timeouts and Salut?

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Sep 16 13:28:17 EDT 2010

>> Assuming the problem is in the Avahi level, we should make
>> sure that the system is coming out from suspend when
>> the radio receives multicast activity directed to us so Avahi
>> can properly update its

> That is exactly the problem. It's taking forever-and-a-day to get that
> sorted. Details at 

It's worse than just multicast not working.  The basic wakeup from a packet 
directly addressed to the machine doesn't work reliably.

I think it's good that you are pushing in this area, but please don't be 
discouraged if you don't see any results.  There is a reason that suspend was 
disabled by default for os852/10.1.2
    WiFi dies on suspended XO-1, os300
    wifi interface eth0 disappears on the XO-1
    Networking broken over suspend/resume on os13 for XO-1
    wake-on-WLAN doesn't always work (duplicate)
    ibertas suspend fails on XO-1 (fixed)

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