Ubuntu Sugar Remix on XO-1.5

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Sep 14 01:28:58 EDT 2010

Announcing an XO-1.5 Ubuntu Sugar Remix build, based on the "maverick"
testing suite that should lead to 10.10.

The build is 320 MB compressed, 978 MB installed, and is built on a 4
GB partition size.

The .zd file can be installed using fs-update on an unsecured XO-1.5
with an internal microSD size of 4 GB or more.  The .tar.gz file can
be unpacked onto a USB drive with a newly created ext2 filesystem.

Download from:

Known problems:

- Read fails to start, some problem with evince dependencies,

- Memorize fails to start, because "import gst" fails,

- several Pippy examples fail to start, because "import pippy" fails,

- no power management, the olpc-powerd package is not installed,

- no attempt made to trim the build.

Activities included and started: Flipsticks, Log Viewer, Slider
Puzzle, Turtle Art, Write, Poll, Chat, Connect, Jigsaw Puzzle,
Physics, Terminal, Calculate, Pippy.  These were what the
ubuntu-sugar-remix package caused to be installed.

git://dev.laptop.org/users/quozl/uxo is my repository of scripts that
construct these builds.

James Cameron
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