USB charging while XOs are switched off

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> christoph wrote:
>  > Hi all,
>  >
>  > going through some of my notes from South America I stumbled across a
>  > question from a Peruvian teacher who had asked me whether future XOs
> would
>  > allow her to charger her mobile phone while the XO is turned off. Not
> sure
>  > where she had seen that but I think it combination with more and more
> mobile
>  > phones going to towards USB chargers this is actually quite an
> interesting
>  > idea.
>  >
>  > Is this a feature that has been considered for the XO-1.75?
> if by "off" you really mean "off", then i doubt the USB ports will
> have power when the laptop is off.  if by "off" you mean "in suspend",
> then i'm sure we'll be considering it.

Mmm, if I remember correctly my flatmate's Lenovo T400s has a powered USB
port which works both when the laptop is suspended as well as when it's
turned off...

> we were hoping to have USB
> powered during suspend on 1.5, but were foiled by poor documentation
> of the gpio pins in question.

Okay, too bad to hear that.

Will you make another attempt for the XO-1.75?


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