Calculate-33 request for activities wiki update page

Gary C Martin garycmartin at
Sun Sep 12 20:49:02 EDT 2010

Hi Folks,

Not sure where this email should be going, but now that the and equivalent update pages are locked down, could I request the links for Calculate be updated to the current version?

|icon = activity-calculate.svg
|activity_name = Calculate
|activity_description =  Basic calculator
|activity_id = org.laptop.Calculate
|activity_bundle = Calculate-33.xo
|activity_bundle_url =
|activity_bundle_branch =  Calculate (latest)
|activity_version = 33

If you'd prefer the .xo bundle to be served from let me know and I can upload (or feel free to upload it yourself). The version 30 currently linked to is rather out of date and I'm seeing bugs filed that have already long been fixed.

I've tested Calculate-33 on an XO-1 in build 802 (Sugar 0.82), 852 (Sugar 0.84), 373pyg (Dextrose/Sugar 0.88), and a number of VM based images including an F13 Sugar 0.88.1, and an F14 Sugar 0.89.3.

Kind Regards,

P.S. On a more general note activity, I'm not sure of the policy for keeping the wiki update pages pointing to the latest stable releases. Do we/I need to go through the current list and raise the newer releases from ASLO that should be considered/re-tested/updated now that the OLPC 0.84.x based Sugar build is official?

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