Initial F14 developers-only release for XO and XO-1.5

Bernie Innocenti bernie at
Mon Sep 6 18:36:14 EDT 2010

El Mon, 06-09-2010 a las 22:59 +0100, pbrobinson at escribió:
> I don't maintain that package. I also don't maintain Read. The
> gnome-python2 package I did update was just re-enabling the upstream.
> In that regard i did test the gnome-python2 package but but not
> against Read as where I was in the world at the time I didn't have a
> working F-14 system to hand with X working so its pretty hard to. At
> the moment I've worked every day in the last month and I've being
> travelling around Europe at least once a week so I'm battling to have
> time to do the basic stuff.... and I didn't believe I'm the only
> person in the sugar testing world.

Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I did not appreciate your packaging
work. Let me know how I could help, besides testing (although I'm also
spreading myself very thin, as you know).

> The problem isn't evince or gnome-python2 but that Read needs to be
> updated again for the new upstream evince api changes (again). Looking
> in Read git the last tagged release is Read 79 yet on is Read
> 86. I'm not sure what the rest of the changes are or which version is
> correct so going on the official Read 79 release it wouldn't work any
> way.

Sayamindu may know.

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