[support-gang] [IAEP] Announcing the OLPC OS 10.1.2 final release!

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Sep 3 00:20:46 EDT 2010

On Thu, Sep 02, 2010 at 05:06:30PM -0700, Cherry Withers wrote:
> To clarify...yes, I used olpc-update not fs-update. I'd like to chase
> the root of this idiosyncrasy [...]

I've just tested that olpc-update does cause a firmware update ...
installed Q3A45, then installed build os303, on reboot firmware was
updated to Q3A46, then ran olpc-update to os852, on reboot firmware was
updated to Q3A48.

So whatever the problem is, it doesn't appear to be common to other
laptops.  Let me know when you are available to continue investigating.

> The whole purpose of my query is to write a step-by-step guide for
> another organization (Education Kindling) team in the Philippines
> because they have incoming laptops that need to be ready for
> deployment, in hopefully two weeks.

The only way to be sure then is to configure your laptop for the exact
firmware version and build that the factory will be configuring the
pilot batch for.  You might not have that option, so you will need to be
prepared for a systemic analysis.

> I have no way of going through the steps of NandBlasting (though I've
> done so with the XO 1.0) as I only have one 1.5, but I will include
> the steps as it looks like it's already been tested.

I've certainly tested it extensively, but you deployment people are
wonderful at finding corner cases I never thought of.

You can go through the steps yourself, with just one XO-1.5, but it
won't actually complete the task.  Regardless, you will learn something,
and verify some level of readiness.

To test a sender, follow the instructions on the page.  The laptop will
happily broadcast the build, even though there are no receivers.

To test a receiver, follow the instructions, but instead of starting to
receive the build it should say:

Trying disk:\fs.zip
Trying ext:\fs.zip
Trying NANDblaster
Boot device: /dropin-fs:nb15_tx  Arguments: ssid:OLPC-NANDblaster
Scan for: OLPC-NANDblaster not found
Can't open network

It does that if there is no sender operating nearby.  If it says
anything different, there's a potential problem.

I'm assuming unlocked, unsecured laptops, by the way.  If you've
specifically ordered them locked, there's other considerations.

> Also, please let me know if there's a quick set-up guide in a handy
> dandy pdf/word doc already available out there. I certainly don't want
> to reinvent the wheel.

I'm not aware of one, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.  I saw some
edits on wiki.laptop.org for pages called Deployment.  Perhaps check

James Cameron

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