Initial F14 developers-only release for XO and XO-1.5

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Thu Sep 2 15:28:49 EDT 2010

Disclaimer:  I am not asking for help;  I am just sharing my experience.

I noticed - perhaps because of the Sugar 0.90 'Remove_Presence_Service'
feature - THREE separate icons in F14 Neighborhood for one-and-the-same
XO-1 system (which runs os852).  Admittedly, that system can be
simultaneously accessed from the F14 system via TWO different IP
addresses ( on ethernet, plus on mesh) -- but
three separate Neighborhood icons for that single system seem excessive.

> For now, please don't file bugs unless you include patches.

I'll wait until bugs without patches are acceptable.  And I need to be
able to recreate the situation - I don't know how easy that will be.


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