OLPC wireless startup at boot time

Franco Miceli fmiceli at plan.ceibal.edu.uy
Fri Oct 22 09:50:16 EDT 2010

I do not know if this things are related but there's a bug that I have
reported to NM's bugzilla

The problem on the XO seems to be that while ListConnections on sugar
reports all favourites to NM, when the XO starts NM only sees one favourite
or none of them. This is a problem of NM, but also as you mention there's a
problem with the scans, as debugging has shown a delay greater than 20s, and
also that ListConnections reports everything and NM (using other methods:
nm_manager_get_connections) does not get them all at the same time.

If you see this NM debugging log (
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=171290) you can see that
ListConnections -on NM Policy I think- reports all favourite user
connections, while afterwards nm_get_connections does not find any of them.
Later it does but it starts picking them up by stages -first one, then
another one, etc.-.

This is an issue since -at startup- NM does not get all the data it needs to
make a (good) decision in order to connect to an AP.

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