Required help to read os images of XO in GNU/linux and how to build sugar os image for Arm processor

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Thu Oct 7 14:43:24 EDT 2010

Excerpts from ganesh gajre's message of Thu Oct 07 20:07:54 +0200 2010:

> My need is, I have to run Sugar desktop on non-XO machine which has ARM
> processor. I didn't install Ubuntu on the ARM machine, I am trying to
> install Debian system on that with sugar.

> I am unable to install Debian system on  ARM based machine. Can anyone
> suggest how to do it?

You'll get better answers to this question on the debian-arm mailing
list [1]. The answer will depend on the exact piece of hardware you're
trying to install Debian on.

For quite a few devices the regular Debian installer will work, but you
might need to tell the boot loader where to find the installer. Again,
how to do that depends on the particular machine.

I have Debian (with Sugar on top) running fine on an OpenRD-Base.
Installation was done using the "foreign" mode of debootstrap (because
at that time the Debian installer did not support OpenRD yet).

> What i get is the process of installing debian is like a OS installation in
> XO with built in Sugar. I want to do the same process for non-XO  tablet.

For help with running Sugar on Debian once you get the latter running,
please see the debian-olpc-devel [2] list and the Debian Sugar wiki
page [3]. For general Sugar questions sugar-devel [4] is the best choice.


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