Firmware update

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Wed Nov 24 19:27:30 EST 2010

> There are a few other cases to consider. One is with packages that are
> tweaked without forking the packages. For example if you were to
> upgrade gstreamer you'd lose our pulseaudio tweak that makes sound
> work, and if you upgrade firefox you'd lose the tweak that makes it
> use totem for video playback (totem uses hw accel and works well, ff
> internal one doesn't use accel and performs badly).

It would be nice if such a "list of tweaks" existed someplace (perhaps
in the wiki).

For example, I'm currently running Firefox 4.07b on my XOs.  Now that
you've explained that Firefox can benefit from having totem be the
helper application for video playback -- I can myself apply that change
to the Firefox version I installed.  Without knowing that this tweak is
useful, I would not have considered adding totem.

Thanks,  mikus

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