XO-1.75 progress

Ed McNierney ed at laptop.org
Thu Nov 11 20:56:51 EST 2010

Naz -

Thanks for the thoughts!

> IMHO it's better to delay the release of the 1.75 and force putting in
> a touchscreen.

It's not a matter of time, it's a matter of the price deployments are willing to pay for it.  The feedback we've heard so far is that since the XO-1.75 without a touchscreen is every bit as functional as an XO-1.5 is, deployments cannot justify paying the noticeable additional cost for a touchscreen.  If that changes, fine, but I think it's unlikely.  Cost is more important than touch input functionality (again, to XO-1.75 end users, not tablet software developers).

> IMHO the next XO would be irrelevant to the public without it
> as it would offer no significant change outside the hood from the 1.5.

No, but an XO-1.75 that uses half the power and therefore provides twice the battery life is an XO that is now available to many children who don't have the electrons to use XO-1.5 machines, or for whom a 4-hour battery life is inadequate but an 8-hour battery life would be quite useful.

	- Ed

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