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Manusheel Gupta manu at laptop.org
Mon Nov 8 14:45:04 EST 2010

James and Mikus,

Thanks for the feedback.

We are at a very initial stage for realizing how we can provide a better
understanding to developers about Sugar API through Devtutor activity. Focus
is on having a activity that would facilitate and expedite the process of
learning. Description is missing in the alpha version, and more modules need
to be added for demonstrative learning.

It would be great if you could share your feedback on what you think about
this idea, and how you would like to see it being realized to its full

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 12:08 AM, James Simmons <nicestep at gmail.com> wrote:

> I just ran it on my XO laptop with runs the .84 release for Paraguay.
> Your Activity requires the new style toolbars, which .84 does not
> support.  I realize that the purpose of your Activity is to
> demonstrate the use of Sugar API's, so full backward compatibility
> with graceful degradation may be unrealistic.  However, supporting
> both new and old toolbars is not that difficult.  I describe a
> workable method in "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!"  Judging from the
> screenshots most of the API's you're demonstrating haven't changed
> much, so maybe you could implement at least part of functionality in
> .84, which might be the newest thing out in the field.

Sure. We'll have the support for both old and new toolbars in the next

> I'll try out your Activity at home in my dev environment and let you
> know what I think.  It sound pretty neat!

Thank you. At this juncture, we ourselves are not very confident on whether
the activity design serves the purpose of what we are aiming at. We did an
alpha release to get a better perspective of the field requirements.

> Terrific job on the icon, by the way.
Great. Glad you like it.



> James Simmons
> On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 4:30 PM, Manusheel Gupta <manu at laptop.org> wrote:
> > Dear all,
> > I am delighted to announce the alpha release of the DevTutor activity
> > focused on understanding the Sugar API modules.
> > Please visit - http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4353
> > Many thanks to Kandarp Kaushik for his dedication and consistency during
> all
> > the stages of the development; Ayush Goyal for designing the svg icon of
> the
> > activity and Aleksey Lim for his continued guidance to the team.
> > We look forward to hearing your feedback and experience with DevTutor
> > activity. If you would like to put in a feature request, please do so at
> > http://bugs.sugarlabs.org.
> > Hope you find the activity useful.
> > Regards,
> > Manu
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