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El Wed, 26-05-2010 a las 11:52 -0300, Esteban Bordon escribió:
> I have other question,
> What is the difference between olpc's kernel and dracut-modules-olpc
> with your implementation of this stuffs?

Our kernel is an older revision of the OLPC kernel. The later verions
incorporate changes aimed at the XO-1.5 which broke something on the
XO-1 (I think it was the camera, or maybe suspend/resume). I've also
turned off some debugging options to speed up the kernel and reduce
memory usage. You can check the details in my repository published on (sorry, I can't provide the exact URL because I'm

dracut-olpc-modules contains just two small patches: one is a bugfix for
booting from jffs2 filesystems. The second patch just adds some debug
output which allowed me to make sense of this bug, so I thought it may
be useful to someone else in the future :-)

The dracut fixes have already been merged into the OLPC git repository,
but I don't recommend using the OLPC version yet because it contains
very fresh code for key delegation which has not yet seen much testing.

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