need help with 'fix clock' problem...

John Watlington wad at
Mon May 24 07:53:29 EDT 2010

Please send us a shipping address and we will send
you a couple of the serial adapters and cables.


On May 23, 2010, at 11:16 PM, F Young wrote:

> Hello!
> I purchased the very first versions of the XO laptop through the "buy
> one give one" program in 2007. Although we used several right away and
> they worked without any problems...we stored 6 of them away and
> recently discovered that none of the screens turn on when powering up.
> It appears to be the "fix clock" problem and since I live in
> Kyrgyzstan it is too expensive to ship back to the US to get them
> repaired. I would like to try to fix this myself but it would be great
> if I can get more specific instructions for the following (from
> "Using an OLPC serial adapter, connect the laptop to your personal
> laptop. On the laptop's motherboard, the serial adapter should be
> connected to J1. J1 is a small white connector near the wireless
> module."
> Since I am not familiar with computer hardware at all, here are my questions:
> (1) Can you tell me specifically which OLPC serial adapter to buy if I
> do NOT want to solder any wires? It would be ideal if you could send
> me a link where I can purchase the exact serial adapter online.
> (2) I understand that the OLPC serial adapter must be connected to the
> "J1 Serial Port" on the XO's motherboard but I am not sure what kind
> of cable is required and how to connect the serial adapter to this
> port...Can you send me a photo which illustrates how to connect the
> serial adapter to the J1 Serial Port? (It would also be good if you
> can include a link to where I can buy the specific cable online.)
> Thanks in advance for your help! We want to start training local Kyrgz
> kids here but we're surprised when many of these new XO laptops could
> not boot up.
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