How can I recover a bum battery?

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sun May 23 22:53:26 EDT 2010

>> I do have a serial port (and have used it) - but at the moment, none of
>> > my machines has its back off.
> For your interest, if you have an open wireless access point or a USB
> ethernet dongle supported by OFW, then you can capture OFW output using
> another system.
> The "telnetd" command starts a TELNET server on OFW and displays the
> address that should be used.

Hmmm.  I don't have wireless.  If I type in 'telnetd', OFW scans for
OLPCOFW, then for school-mesh channels, then gives up.

I do have ethernet - but my XO-1.5's OFW (q3a39b) does not appear to
recognize my ethernet dongle (SMC 2208) - its built-in LED never lights
up.  [But the built-in LED on an USB stick (plugged in alongside the
ethernet dongle) *does* light up.]

>> Yes, the 1.5 OFW does have 'bat-debug-log'.  Does that command take
>> the name of its output file as a parameter?
> No, it writes to disk:\batdbug.log

Back when I tried that command, it gave me an error message about its
output file.  I must have failed to have an USB stick plugged in.
[I'll assume my "permanent" SD card does not count as 'disk:'.]

Thanks for the ideas,  mikus

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