[Sugar-devel] New XO-1.5 10.2.0 build 125 - control panel

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun May 23 19:15:54 EDT 2010

El Mon, 24-05-2010 a las 08:36 +1000, James Cameron escribió:
> Observation and comment: the icons are not evenly spaced across the
> screen; they are spaced according to the length of the text under each
> icon.  Therefore the grid system is either inapplicable or the text
> should be wrapped.

Works fine on 0.88.

> Incidentally, there's a search entry box on the top left of the control
> panel which does not do anything. 

Also works fine on 0.88.

Quick, let's backport also the control panel to 0.84! ;-)

> I agree with a later observation that the control panel could take full
> screen and behave as an activity.

Indeed. I also think we're abusing the centralized control panel concept
for settings that could stay closer to the UI element they refer to.

For example:

 * "Network" should be available somewhere from the neighbor view.

 * "Modem Configuration"  could become a menu item of the GSM device

 * "Power" could become a single checkbox in the battery menu

The control panel should really be for global system-wide settings.

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