Google just open-sourced VP8 codec!

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Thu May 20 03:04:06 EDT 2010

Hi guys! This is big!

Google just open-sourced the On2 VP8 codec and formed a consortium around it:

the beta/nightly builds of Chrome, Firefox & Opera now support it as
and HTML5 video tag codec and Flash will support it.

Great news for the Open web! HTML5 video codec impasse is broken can
finally move  forward!

I'm wondering at its CPU requirements though. Back when Macromedia was
licensing the VP6 codec from On2 , they had the option to license the
newer VP7 instead, but they went with VP6 because it was more
CPU-friendly. VP7 compressed video better at higher quality, but it
was more CPU-hungry.

Given that history, there's a possibility that high-quality VP8 video
might not run fast on the XO-1.

Q: Has anyone here tried playing high-quality/resolution H.264 on the
XO-1? What was your experience?



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