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Mike Dawson mikeofmanchester at
Mon May 17 15:53:20 EDT 2010

Dear List,

One of the greatest challenges here in deployments has been to create
sufficient curriculum *interactive* educational content.  Though
Scratch and Etoys are great for simulators for many common educational
interaction formats (e.g. assemble objects, click in place according
to hint in order, memory match, hangman, sorting items etc) using such
tools can be quite awkward.

eXe Learning was created as a GUI educational XHTML Editor with
support for fill in the blank question formats, multi choice, multi
select etc.  I have created plugins for Place the objects / label
(e.g. assembling parts / labelling a diagram), Click in place
according to a hint, sort objects, hangman, memory match, moving
object speed answer (e.g. Tuxmath) and sort.  The output is generated
as HTML / Javascript which can run online or offline.  I've also
created a plugin for embedding Scratch using the Scratch Java player
with an option for the user to download.

There are many repositories of open content; however many of them fail
to harness the potential of ICT as an interactive medium.  Hopefully
further lowering the barrier can help to create more.  This can make
it far easier to turn existing open static content into interactive
educational content.

Compared to conventional Javascript / Flash / EToys development this
dramatically increases the amount of educational interactive content
that can be produced by given teams in a given amount of time.  It
also can help make creation of interactive educational material far
easier for educators by templating the kind of interaction they would
like to produce and allowing them to just plug in the questions,
answers, images, options of the game etc.

For many parts of the curriculum the best course of action can be to
embed already created Scratch simulators from the Scratch website
(e.g. physics sims).  With eXe Learning + plugins one can produce a
complete interactive package that opens in the browser.  I am hoping
to develop a roleplay and generic simple simulator creator in the near

I have also updated the HTML Editor to enable it to create HTML 5
Audio and Video tags for embedding media.

Comments/ Feedback most welcome.  The plugins are still 'bleeding
edge'...  Will soon get the sourceforge project properly taken care of
so that bugs / QA can be taken care of.

For now see

Regards from Afghanistan,


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