_Why: A Tale Of A Post-Modern Genius

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Hi guys. Please check out this article:

_Why: A Tale Of A Post-Modern Genius

"Why the Lucky Stiff (or _Why for short) was one of the brightest and
most inspiring programmers in activity. He became famous through a
series of blogs and through the incredible amount of open-source
projects that he maintained over the course of more than seven years.

_Why’s popularity grew along with the Ruby programming language’s
popularity. When the Rails hype took off in 2005, a great number of
young developers started looking to learn about Ruby, and that’s when
most of them found Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, a Creative Commons
book in both HTML and PDF that embodied all of its author’s
characteristics: an uneasy artistic mind with a different take on what
programming is all about."

Read the article here:

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