XO-1.5 network disconnection button testing

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Mar 31 16:35:14 EDT 2010

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 08:42:53AM -0400, Paul Fox wrote:
> thanks for doing this, james.

Someone has found a bug for me ... "Discard network history" also causes
all secured access points in the mesh view to be changed to the open
access point icon.  I know exactly why that is, and it is easy to fix.

>  > - enable the discard network history button in the network control
>  >   panel, which also now forces a disconnect, and will be insensitive
> was it logically necessary to force the disconnect?

It was more of a side-effect of removing all the connection settings
from the user settings object, and cascading that change through to
NetworkManager by advising it of the removal.  NetworkManager responds
by disconnecting from any network associated with the removed connection

It could be coded to remove all but the connection that is currently in
use, and turn off the autoconnect flag for that connection ... but then
we'd have to mark the button "Discard network history except for the
current connection".

I suspect, though I'm not sure, that a connection to an access point
using a saved password, where the access point has since had it's
password changed, might also be considered to be a current connection,
and then "Discard network history except for the current connection"
would not fix the purpose for which "Discard network history" was made.

I think I'd prefer it to disconnect the way it does; it is more logical.

The advisory text should be changed to point out this side-effect.
That's easy, I'll do that.  (What do I do about translations though?)

> (i understand that automatic reconnection to secure nets would be
> impossible after the discard.)

Well, that sounds like a very secure network.

Being able to delete the connections one by one would be the next
improvement in control.

James Cameron

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