XO-1.5 network disconnection button testing

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Mar 31 02:32:27 EDT 2010


Those of you who have been testing XO-1.5 builds may have noticed that
you cannot disconnect from a wireless network, and you cannot discard
network history.  The workaround was to remove connections.cfg.

Per ticket #9977 and #9788, I've made some changes to Sugar network
connection handling code and need some testers.  The changes are:

- enable the disconnect button on the access point menu in the
  neighbourhood view, (rather than the button doing nothing),

- fix the disconnect button on the wireless device icon in the frame
  so that the disconnection remains effective, (rather than only
  disconnecting and reconnecting automatically),

- enable the discard network history button in the network control
  panel, which also now forces a disconnect, and will be insensitive
  (greyed out) if there are no networks to be discarded, (rather than
  the button doing nothing),

- enforce consistency between the neighbourhood view, the frame, and
  the control panel, with respect to how the access point is shown.

The changes are available as a .tar.gz to simplify testing.  Once
applied the change will be present until the laptop is reflashed or an
olpc-update is done.

Instructions for installing:

a.  check that you are running os114 or os116 (only these versions
have been tested, but there is very little reason why other versions
in the os1xx series would not work),

b.  start Terminal or login over SSH, and become root,

c.  download the tar.gz file to /tmp on the laptop,

cd /tmp
wget \

d.  unpack over the top of the root filesystem,

cd / ; tar xfz /tmp/9977-insensitive.tar.gz

e.  restart Sugar using Control-Alt-Erase or Restart, but not by forcing
a power down.

Instructions for testing:

A.  confirm that Sugar connects to your preferred access point on
restart, if any is defined,

B.  try to disconnect using the neighbourhood view, note the result,
(right-click on the access point icon),

C.  reconnect,

D.  try to disconnect using the frame icon for the wireless device,
(right-click on the icon, or hover, in the usual fashion),

E.  reconnect,

F.  discard the network history, note the result,

G.  reconnect, note a reprompt if access point is secured,

H.  use your initiative to try other scenarios, such as whether there is
any impact on wired networking,

I.  report success or failure to the tickets or the mailing list or me.


James Cameron

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