To Gnome or not to Gnome

Bernie Innocenti bernie at
Fri Mar 26 07:04:23 EDT 2010

On Fri, 2010-03-26 at 03:47 -0700, Yioryos Asprobounitis wrote:
> > You mean the blacked out GTK buttons and corrupt graphics
> > in some web pages? We have a temporary workaround for these now!
> No, actually I was referring to an XO-1.5 bug (#10084)

Ah, it's a different one. Yesterday I closed #7830 and #10076, though
with a temporary work-around.

The ultimate fix for all these bugs would have been a complete
refactoring of the geode driver. Last time I looked at that codebase, it
was full of magic numbers, with no bounds checking in some cases. We're
very lucky if it works so well :-)

> > Sounds right, but I'm not sure *who* is going to put their
> > time into it.
> What about "Gnome people". I would guess they will not be indifferent
> to the OLPC/XO. Couldn't they be "formally" asked for support?
> (I know is upstream but...)

Do you have good contacts within the Gnome community?

I reported only one bug in the Gnome bug tracker, but so far nobody

In this case, we're using current software which is shipped also by
Fedora 12 and Karmic.

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