Adobe Flash 10.1 + AIR 2.0 on the XO

Gabriel Eirea geirea at
Wed Mar 24 10:42:55 EDT 2010

Hello, interesting thread.

> FYI: One of our largest deployments and two other smaller deployments have
> received approval to ship Adobe Flash in their builds.

In Uruguay, Ceibal started shipping Adobe Flash with their official
build at the beginning of 2009.

My personal observation is that this came from a high demand on two
fronts: kids and teachers complaining about youtube and online games
on one side, and local companies used to develop web pages and such
that wanted to create content but only had resources to do it in flash
and complained about gnash being too restrictive on the other side.

As far as I can see, the results are mixed. Playing youtube videos and
other online music/video players is a big hit. However, the flash
player performance in the XO is very bad, kids complain that they
can't play most of the games because characters move very slowly, etc.
Local companies didn't add much to the content pool and all they can
do in terms of business plan is get some government agency give them
money for delivering a message. You can see some examples in:

My suggestion would be to use whatever contacts you may have at Adobe
to communicate that:

1) they have to improve the player's performance on the XO
2) they have to make developers tools available for the XO
3) they have to develop a sugar wrapper to run swf files as activities

and if they do that, flash may be a viable alternative for
deployments. Otherwise it would never be.

All this, IMHO.



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