Adobe Flash 10.1 + AIR 2.0 on the XO

Reuben K. Caron reuben at
Wed Mar 24 09:12:30 EDT 2010

On Mar 24, 2010, at 12:44 AM, Chris Ball wrote:

> Hi,
>>> Maybe the reason we're miscommunicating is that you don't
>>> understand that we aren't willing to expect that our users have
>>> access to another computer running Windows (because they don't)
>>> [..]
>> This is an odd argument considering it is quite difficult for a
>> user to create a simple reflash USB stick while using Sugar.
>> Instead we recommend using another computer that uses a
>> regular "Desktop.(1)"


Hi. Thank you for the response.

> This seems to be the fallacy of "it's on OLPC's wiki, therefore OLPC
> wrote it as a guide for its users in deployments".  The support-gang
> wrote this page for the G1G1 community, as the page history shows.

You are correct the original intended audience for the article was the  
G1G1 community; however, the fact remains that it continues to be the  
most usable and easily followed set of instructions we have.

> In any case, I don't see why it's worthwhile to think of these two
> problems as remotely comparable:

You're correct, I'm confusing a technical/philosophical argument by  
adding a real-world/on-the-ground/deployment-needs argument.

> 1) no-one has yet decided to help deployments by spending five minutes
>   writing an activity that downloads a build onto a USB stick plugged
>   into an XO, but anyone could do it at any time, including someone
>   who is a user in a deployment.

5 minutes...then why hasn't it happened?!?! Oh I know! The barrier to  
entry for writing an activity is too high and, unlike Flash, a  
relatively small number of people know how to do it...If flash were  
more widely supported on the XO, I'm sure such a Flash APP would  
already exist.

> 2) it is nowhere near possible to properly edit Flash content in a GUI
>   on an XO because the software to do so does not exist, and suffers
>   from a complex and underspecified set of compatibility requirements.

I'll refrain from listing the software on the XO that is nowhere near  
possible to edit on the XO because either the source code is not  
available or the XO does not meet the technical requirements to run  
necessary software.



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