Adobe Flash 10.1 + AIR 2.0 on the XO

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Mar 24 00:44:47 EDT 2010


   >> Maybe the reason we're miscommunicating is that you don't
   >> understand that we aren't willing to expect that our users have
   >> access to another computer running Windows (because they don't)
   >> [..]

   > This is an odd argument considering it is quite difficult for a
   > user to create a simple reflash USB stick while using Sugar.
   > Instead we recommend using another computer that uses a
   > regular "Desktop.(1)"

This seems to be the fallacy of "it's on OLPC's wiki, therefore OLPC
wrote it as a guide for its users in deployments".  The support-gang
wrote this page for the G1G1 community, as the page history shows.

In any case, I don't see why it's worthwhile to think of these two
problems as remotely comparable:

1) no-one has yet decided to help deployments by spending five minutes
   writing an activity that downloads a build onto a USB stick plugged
   into an XO, but anyone could do it at any time, including someone
   who is a user in a deployment.

2) it is nowhere near possible to properly edit Flash content in a GUI
   on an XO because the software to do so does not exist, and suffers
   from a complex and underspecified set of compatibility requirements.

- Chris.
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