Adobe Flash 10.1 + AIR 2.0 on the XO

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Tue Mar 23 22:10:06 EDT 2010

> Maybe the reason we're miscommunicating is that you don't understand
> that we aren't willing to expect that our users have access to another
> computer running Windows (because they don't), or for them to use a
> text editor to edit content that was created in a GUI (since that's
> *much* harder, and is treating them as a second-class citizen).
> The XO is all we have to work with.

Thanks, Chris. I understand that.

Well, the XO 1.5 is powerful enough to run Java & compile SWF content
with the Flex SDK (Java is needed to publish w/ the Flex SDK) so I
don't really see that as a problem.

Anyway the main point I'm proposing is opening up an additional
channel for providing content for the XO from amateur & professional

IMHO, the weakest point of the XO (& OLPC) is the lack of compelling
content and the difficulty of creating quality content.

What's wrong with other people who have content creation tools
providing free content for the people who'll only have access to XOs?

It's like saying we can't give books written by other authors to these
people because we want them to write their own books or fanfic.

Also, what's wrong with free as in Beer? (aside from making sure the
beer works well, plays nice and doesn't mess with other stuff or have
backdoors and the like)



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