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Thu Mar 11 17:11:22 EST 2010

=?iso-8859-1?q?mat=edas_poloni?= wrote:
 > I am working on a project for an ONG in Uruguay and we are working with
 > children who have their XO. Is because of this that the XO takes part in our
 > project.
 > I would  like to know if there is any chance of wake lapto XO1 up on a USB
 > event. I've read that de XO power down the USB bus when suspending, but I
 > could't find information about how not to power down de USB bus.

sorry -- it is not possible to not power down the USB bus on the
XO-1 when suspending or sleeping.


 > I'll be very grateful whether you could give me any information about
 > resuming the XO trough a USB event.
 > Is very important you know that, as we are working with Plan Ceibal, we have
 > an XO with security disable.
 > Thanks!
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