resizing rootfs to fit the disk

John Gilmore gnu at
Wed Mar 10 18:56:19 EST 2010

> > but again:  where should such a flag go?  is there a precedent
> > for such things?
> /.i-am-a-hidden-flag ?

Safety would argue for doing the opposite:

* Build the installation images to contain a file like "/.resize-root-once".
* If that file is present
**  Remove the file
**  Sync the disk
**  Attempt the online resize
**  Sync the disk again
* If that file is not present
**  Do nothing.  Leave the filesystem alone!

The idea of a Linux system that, when it boots, resizes the root filesystem
every time to try to fill up the entire drive it's on, fills me with horror.
I prefer to partition my disks myself, thank you.


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