Installing Adobe Air on an XO...?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Wed Mar 10 14:48:53 EST 2010

The remaining hurdle was ENOSPC. So the recipe is

 # it ignores TMPDIR so enlarge /tmp doing
 mount -o remount,size=30% /tmp
 # requires rpm build toolchain - !?
 yum -yt install rpm-build rpm-dev
 # the installer wants to open windows for you to click ok
 # check that you have adobe-certs and adobeair installed
 rpm -qa adobe*

If only one was installed, remove it before retrying.

As I mentioned elsewhere, this will work for developers' machines;
anyone expecting to deploy it on many laptops needs an rpm from Adobe.

Strangely, the installer builds the rpms but they are nowhere to be
found. Sneaky.

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