Installing Adobe Air on an XO...?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Wed Mar 10 12:22:30 EST 2010

[ Helping a deployment team here -- this is clearly a problem on
Adobe's side, but maybe someone has seen it and resolved it. ]

AdobeAir 1.5.3 ships as a nasty .bin executable that self-expands into
/tmp and attempts to build an rpm or a deb, right there, in place.

This works ok on a vanilla F11. But on our builds, it bails out. Log attached...

To get to this point, a few hurdles have been cleared -- partial
recipe: switch to the Gnome environment, open a terminal, su and

  # it ignores TMPDIR so enlarge /tmp doing
  mount -o remount,size=20% /tmp
  # requires rpm build toolchain - !?
  yum -yt install rpm-build rpm-dev
  # the installer wants to open windows for you to click ok
  # check that you have adobe-certs and adobeair installed
  rpm -qa adobe*

This is clearly not something that can be rolled as is to an OS image.
Anyone hoping to include the AIR runtime needs to ask Adobe for proper
RPMs that install reliably and without user interaction.

Adobe already offers proper .deb and .rpm packages for their AIR v2
alpha/beta. But not for their v1.5.x "stable" release, at least not


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