aggressive suspend and yum...

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Mar 10 11:02:33 EST 2010


   >> We should be waking on LAN activity.  Could you file a bug with
   >> a testcase that results in the laptop staying in suspend when it
   >> should be in the middle of a download?  Maybe Marvell can help
   >> us find out what's up.

   > wake-on-lan doesn't keep you from suspending -- it just brings
   > you back.

But that should be fine, right?  I don't mind whether there's a
super-short suspend during the download of my file, as long as we
resume straight away and continue the download.  I got the impression
from Martin's mail that he's dropping into suspend and then staying
there, so his download doesn't progress.  (Maybe that's not what he
was trying to say, though.)

   > oh -- and wake-on-arp is missing, so if your connection is quiet
   > for long enough, it's not restartable.  (at least, "ethtool wol
   > ua" doesn't work.)

Yeah, we should get that fixed too.


- Chris.
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