surprisingly early suspend

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Mar 8 22:10:17 EST 2010

> The remaining issues being debated are:
> - what should the time before sleep occurs be ?
> - when should the backlight be dimmed relative to sleep ?
>     (Apple seems to use 50% of the sleep time, which we are now trying).
> - should the time before suspend be even shorter than the
>    current fifteen seconds ?

For myself, whether it is ohm or powerd that is doing the suspending, I
'modify' the respective timing values to get my systems to behave the
way I expect them to behave.

When I started this thread, I had just "flashed" a new build - meaning I
had not yet gotten around to changing the values "built in" to the build


I agree that there ought to be one set of timing values for running on
AC, and a separate set of timing values for running on battery.


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