surprisingly early suspend

John Watlington wad at
Mon Mar 8 21:02:49 EST 2010

On Mar 8, 2010, at 6:52 PM, John Gilmore wrote:

>> Perhaps the suspend/sleep process should be disabled until the  
>> laptop is
>> assigned a child's name and color preference on first boot.  I find
>> sleep to
>> be more disorienting, as the screen is turned off (my laptop broke!)
>> and it
>> takes a press of the power button, not the keyboard, to wake the
>> laptop up.
> What ever happened to making suspend invisible on the XO, and happen
> between keystrokes?  I thought the new hardware was going to fix  
> all the
> issues that prevented us from enabling that in the old hardware.

To a large extent it has.  I don't know if anyone has an analysis of  
we are with suspend times and where the seconds are going.   The sync
of the filesystem seems to be a big chunk of our current suspend time.
Resume time is good --- when you type a key we wake up and update the
screen in a reasonable amount of time (sub-1 second ?).

I'm under the impression that our desire to stay with a stock operating
system is one of the big remaining limitations, but could be wrong.
Perhaps now that we actually think the hardware is relatively stable and
functional we can spend some time there.

> (Suspend -- turning the CPU off -- should be separate from dimming the
> screen, and should also be separate from sleeping.  If you can  
> suspend and
> can dim, maybe you should sleep after an hour or something, but  
> with the
> CPU and RAM off and the backlight off, how much does sleep really  
> save?)

Sleep saves because it turns the backlight and display completely  
off, and
in suspend those are the dominant current hogs.

I think we all agree with you about sleep versus suspend.

The remaining issues being debated are:
- what should the time before sleep occurs be ?
- when should the backlight be dimmed relative to sleep ?
    (Apple seems to use 50% of the sleep time, which we are now trying).
- should the time before suspend be even shorter than the
   current fifteen seconds ?


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