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El Wed, 23-06-2010 a las 16:49 -0400, Martin Langhoff escribió:

> So here we have two separate bugs:
> B1 - That we have a "Keep" button, labelled "Keep", that actually
> creates a new document but retains the same document name.

We solved this by relabeling the button to "Keep a copy".

> B2 - What you can see between steps #2.1 and #2.2 -- if you wait a few
> seconds between those steps, step #4 will show 2 documents with the
> new name instead of 2 documents with the "old" name.

This is
There are two patches for this bug, both with outstanding problems.

Mine uses focus-out-event to detect the change, but gtk does not seem to
generate the event if you click stop directly after editing the widget.

The other approach landed in git for 0.88.1. It uses a 1-second
inactivity timer for saving, but the user could be too fast at closing
the activity (ctrl-q). Moreover, if the user is too slow at typing, it
causes spurious saves which slow down the UI and make the widget mess up
the input (which is what the bug was about).

> It probably needs to be complemented by an option in the Journal to
> add a "duplicate this document", and Home View changes to make it
> clearer/easier to open a new activity without reopening the last
> document.

A "duplicate document" function in the journal would be very useful, I

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