Removing 'share' option from activites that don't know how to share

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Thu Jun 24 11:20:39 EDT 2010

Talking with the PerĂº team a few days ago about F11/S0.84 (both on
xo-1.5 and xo-1)

Teachers and testers were very confused with the 'share' option in
activities where sharing does nothing, or is seriously buggy. To avoid
confusing users, they are looking into removing the 'share' option
from most activities.

This is practical and executive for them short-term; of course the
right fix is for activities do call up the 'share' option only where
actual sharing code exists and is known to work...

What is the right fix? Do we want a list of activities where it should
be removed, and prod the maintainers, and only file bugs for those
that don't respond soonish?

(The above would be an informal copy of the "mass bug filing" protocol
@ Debian.)

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