resizing NAND partition in XO 1.5 --annoying "journal is full" after 2 days use

Chris Ball cjb at
Fri Jun 18 17:14:15 EDT 2010


   > A little googling surfaced a discussion among developers, about
   > the size of the image to create for FC11. Build 125 is apparently
   > 1.7G
   > I'm playing around with 125, and have run out of NAND.
   > 'df -h' shows only 1.7G is currently being used, whereas 'fdisk
   > -l' shows 4G available.

I'd guess that you probably flashed "os125-2g.zd" instead of "os125.zd".
The -2g image is for running on a 2GB SD card instead of the normal 4GB.

- Chris.
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