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a) Ratio - 4:3 -> is it possible to use a more normal/accepted
resolution that actual monitors use so that in the future, if
emulation works well on PCs, developers w/o XO machines can design
their apps/GUI better?

Like say 1280x960 or 1280x800 (WXGA) instead of 1200x900? That's not
so big a difference except that 1280x960 or 1280x800 are resolutions
that common monitors can actually use.

b) Capacitance vs. pressure
IMHO, touch with any kind of object w/ pressure rather than
capacitance which requires a human finger or a frozen sausage as
stylus (
) is better.

One of *the* killer apps for touchscreen is drawing, and using a
stylus for precision is more natural for proper drawing than using
fingers a la finger painting. The thing is, if you use your fingers,
you won't be seeing the actual X-Y pixel you're drawing on becaue your
finger is covering it, and there's the problem of which X_Y pixel is
being detected by the OS since a finger is so wide.

Seriously, drawing on a touchscreen rocks.

I use the Colors activity of the XO!
on my Nintendo DS!
and drawing with the stylus on a touchscreen is an absolute joy.

Wacom sells their Cintiq touchscreen drawing panels for about $1000 and up.

You bring that ability to draw the XO with the proper app, and
interest will skyrocket!
(I can write one in AIR. It'll be slower than native code, but ought to work)



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