challenges of distro switching

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> On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Daniel Drake <dsd at> wrote:
> > A mountain of packages and their corresponding effects on the system,
> ...
> > It also invalidates many processes that myself and others have been
> > training in the field, such as usage of rpm/yum, how to write spec
> > files, etc.
> These two points are incredibly important. We do not use Fedora
> superficially -- we use it "in depth" to achieve some unique features.
> And while the 'core dev' team is familiar with Debian/Ubuntu, Gentoo
> and a few other linuxen, the OLPC ecosystem involves people who have
> made important investments in learning this toolchain.
It's the part I don't have any idea of how it works. Thanks for the input, I
certainly understand the motives now.
It's unfortunate that they don't build a Fedora "LTS", sure looks like
something that would be useful for you.

> The third point is that the polish of the whole product comes down to
> subtle interactions between the components. We work hard to make
> everything Just Work for the components and hardware of a given
> release, and it takes time and work. Doing it for another distro
> takes... time and work.
And money :|
I hope you manage to keep problem free going forward. This compiler
architecture upgrade is certainly unfortunate.
Any plans on Fedora/ARM for the XO-1.75?

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