Adobe AIR troubles

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Sat Jun 5 14:38:00 EDT 2010

>Hi guys,
>I'm developing flash applications on OLPC using adobe air. We have some
>troubles with our flash application when we are playing sounds : randomly,
>the sound channel is down, and we need to restart application to have sounds
>again. We have noticed that it's happen after the standby of the laptop...
>Any idea on how to solve this problem?

Hey Thomas.

We actually got in touch with some of the Flash people at Adobe and
they're interesting in looking into things.

Sorry for the long hiatus guys, had some personal things to attend to.

I've created and started editing 2 wiki pages to get the ball rolling
again on Flash platform + XO issues:
*Adobe Flash Issues
*Adobe AIR Issues

Adobe peeps said they'd look into things but didn't know where to
start. Wiki's the best way to keep them updated and to organize known

Thomas, can you email me what's happening and I'll try to put it in
the Wiki? I'll PM you too on installing AIR on the XO (I haven't had
much success).

Other guys who have bugs/quirks on Adobe AIR/Flash, e-mail me too so I
can compile them and put them on the above wikis.



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