Flash,Gnash,AIR: which builds to test against?

Carlos Nazareno object404 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 16:49:27 EDT 2010

Hi guys!

There's a number of different builds up on the OLPC pages right now:

* OLPC 802 (Sugar 0.84)
* OLPC F11 - OS11
* Paraguay  F11 + Sugar 0.88
* Sugar Labs F11 OS11-OS15

For the purposes of keeping the Flash Platform wikis updated, which
are the snapshots I should use for long-term testing of Flash, Gnash &

Should I still test against 802 or should I just test against the
Paraguay build?
I have 2 XO-1s I can do testing on, with a third one is on loan to a
Phlashers teammate who's also doing some testing.

We're going to install Adobe Flash on 2 of the Machines and Gnash on
the 3rd machine.

Which OS builds should we install on the 3 machines given the above
I'm thinking 802 + Adobe Flash, F11 Paraguay + Adobe Flash, F11
Paraguay + Gnash. Are these the optimal configuations we can test
against for the purposes of reporting back results on the wikis given
3 XO-1 machines? We'll be using latest stable builds of Flash, Gnash &



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