Re: [Tecnologia] Adaptación de cargador múltiple, by CATS.

Richard Smith smithbone at
Sun Jun 6 15:08:28 EDT 2010

> Another problem is getting XO compatible cables. We used cables from broken
> XO chargers, but this cables mostly (like 8 out of 10) break at the tip, so
> they generally need to be fixed to be reliable. And they don't end un
> looking pretty :)

I'm working on getting the plug + cable (ending in bare wires) added
as a replacement part.

Everyone interested in getting cables can help me by providing an
estimate of how many you need.
If they were available now how many of them would you be ordering?
Also how many do you project you will need in the future.  Some sort
of numbers on the failure rate will help too.  How long are they out
in the field before they fail?

Also it would be useful if someone can send me a collection of failed
plugs.  That would be useful to analyze the failures and see if they
are force failure or fatigue.

Richard A. Smith

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