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Thu Jun 3 14:45:35 EDT 2010

Dear Developers,
We have just uploaded an activity that teaches children about
The Free From Malaria game tells the story of Paul, a boy who lives in a Malaria
endemic country. Paul learns how mosquitoes are responsible for spreading the
Plasmodium parasite which causes Malaria. He also learns how to recognize the
symptoms it causes and to seek medical help if someone thinks they have the
The content consists of a comic story with two games that teaches children the
importance of covering up at night-time and using bed nets. The goal is to help
children recognize their role in the prevention of the disease and to create a
future free from Malaria.
The application is developed in PyGame using the olpcgames wrapper.We would be
grateful for some beta testers and reviewers. I have tested it on an XO-1 but
would be grateful for tests with other versions of Sugar etc.
I haven't created a git repo yet but will be happy to do so as required.
World Class Project
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