#10171 LOW Not Tri: MathGraph32 launch violates convention (was: os125 - launching of MathGraph32 Activity is confusing for the user)

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Jun 3 00:21:01 EDT 2010

On Thu, Jun 03, 2010 at 12:28:13AM -0300, Marcos Orfila wrote:
> I don't see any problem with the icon in the frame in my XO-1 qith
> Sugar 0.82.  Could you please be more specific on this point?

I've reproduced that symptom with Sugar 0.84, so I presume it is related
to a change between Sugar 0.82 and Sugar 0.84.

What happens is that Sugar seems to lose track of which activity is
currently visible.

> I would like to improve the gap between the PyGTK window closes and
> the Java App starts. It may be confusing the first time the activity
> is run. Both the Python activity and the Java App are launched
> sequentially from a bash script.

I see.

> A delay in the Python activity seems a terrible workarround.

I agree, a delay would be difficult to get right, since the activity is
to be used on hardware of varying capability and loading.

> What would you suggest? Launching the Java App from the Python
> activity and then close the activity?

Do you set the correct X window properties on the new window, so that
Sugar would know it is associated with the activity?

Sugar seems to assume that the first window that appears that has the
correct properties is the window the activity will draw in.  Perhaps the
Sugar developers might have a way to achieve what you need.  Or
hopefully someone else here may have an idea.

James Cameron

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