#10171 LOW Not Tri: MathGraph32 launch violates convention (was: os125 - launching of MathGraph32 Activity is confusing for the user)

Marcos Orfila morfila at marcosorfila.com
Wed Jun 2 23:28:13 EDT 2010

I don't see any problem with the icon in the frame in my XO-1 qith Sugar
0.82. Could you please be more specific on this point?

I would like to improve the gap between the PyGTK window closes and the Java
App starts. It may be confusing the first time the activity is run. Both the
Python activity and the Java App are launched sequentially from a bash
script. A delay in the Python activity seems a terrible workarround. What
would you suggest? Launching the Java App from the Python activity and then
close the activity?



2010/6/1 Zarro Boogs per Child <bugtracker at laptop.org>

> #10171: MathGraph32 launch violates convention
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>           Reporter:  mikus      |       Owner:  dsd
>               Type:  defect     |      Status:  new
>           Priority:  low        |   Milestone:  Not Triaged
>          Component:  sugar      |     Version:  Development build as of
> this date
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>        Next_action:  never set  |    Verified:  0
> Deployment_affected:             |   Blockedby:
>           Blocking:             |
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> Changes (by Quozl):
>  * cc: support at marcosorfila.com (added)
> Comment:
>  Reproduced; both the loss of the activity for a few seconds, and the
>  incorrect icon highlight in the Frame.
>  This appears to be a flaw in the MathGraph32 activity, and not a flaw in
>  Sugar.
>  OLPC is not including MathGraph32 in the builds at this time, but we may
>  consider it.
>  So I have added the developer to the ticket CC.
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> Ticket URL: <http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/10171#comment:2>
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