Idle suspend instabilities on XO-1

Daniel Drake dsd at
Sat Jul 24 10:35:31 EDT 2010


I'm happy that we experimented but I think it's too early to turn on
idle suspend on the XO-1 builds, like we have attempted for 10.1.2.
Mouse wakeups do not work well
XO loses association during idle suspend (and host has no way of
knowing, at least until we have some Marvell intervention). I'm seeing
this often and its really annoying.

The delay is also a bit uncomfortable when resuming. Bernie reported
that this caused users in the field to report that the touchpad was
hanging now and then. Also saw an identical report here in nicaragua
from someone on 8.2.1 who accidently turned power management on.

Also, I am seeing on multiple machines that the system oftend crashes
during resume. But I have not yet managed to capture this on the
serial console (the bug seems to mysteriously evade whatever system
that I have the console connected to).

(the good news is that either way, this build will be released with
olpc-os-builder, meaning that its easy for deployments to change the
default that OLPC chooses)


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