USB2VGA adapters on XO-1.5 (and XO-1 with F11 images)

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Wed Jul 14 16:30:49 EDT 2010

On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 5:18 PM, Martin Langhoff
<martin.langhoff at> wrote:
> The Xinerama approach turned out to be a winner in terms of
> performance and !bugginess.

This ticket tracks the status of this feature (currently working great
on xo-1.5)

Trying this out on an XO-1 / F11 system leads to a segfault (sample
config file and logs of the fault in the ticket).

I suspect that the Geode driver may not be a good friend of Xinerama.


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