Update procedure 10.1.1 XO1.5

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
Sun Jul 4 17:12:24 EDT 2010



I am helping with a deployment expecting XO1.5 with 10.1.1 but we have not
got our hands on any of them yet. 


It is not clear to me, if the "flashdrive reinstall" method remains the same
for activitie as it was for the 1.0 


I.e. I can see that one reinstalls the OS by starting up the XO-1.5 with a
flashdrive containing os204.img and fs.zip, holding down the four game keys;
if you want to install a bundle of activities at the same time, what is the
procedure (for locked XOs)? With the 1.0s we have been preparing the flash
drives with a boot and bundles folder and a file customization-2; the XO
automatically restarts after flashing the OS to install the activities in
the bundles folder. What is the equivalent with the 1.5/10.1.1?


How does gnash on the 10.1.1 release compare with previous versions, do we
still need to install Flash 10+ to view stuff like youtube and flash


David Leeming


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