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bernie at said:
> * Date not being updated
> One laptop booted with clock set to the Epoch.

Is that one of the old XOs that had troubles with the tiny battery feeding 
the TOY/RTC clock when the main battery and wall power are both disconnected? 
 I forget the details, but I think there was a problem with the battery 

> Oddly, the lease was accepted anyway. We need to figure out why the clock is
> not being updated from the network.

NetworkManager used to call ntpdate when it setup a connection.  Was that an 
OLPC addition?

I think this area gets tangled up with security and lease checking.  Do we 
want/need two separate modes, one for the secure case and another for 
developers without a school server?

What are the school servers doing to keep their clocks reasonable?

> Why aren't we using ntp? 

ntp is probably overkill for XOs.  Besides, who would want to give up that 
much ram?  On top of that, ntpd doesn't get along with power saving mode.

Aside from quirks like this one, is time on the XO normally good enough?

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